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take part in something: meaning and explanation

To take part in something = to participate or be involved in something. e.g. I’m not very political now, but I took part in several big protests when I was younger.

Synonyms: join in with something, participate in something, to be involved in something.

Have a go at this dictation exercise to hear this phrasal verb being used in context – how much can you understand?

Dictation #1

Accent: Ireland

It slipped I'd agreed in the school debate .
It totally slipped my that I'd agreed to part in the school debate .

…It had totally slipped my mind

If something slipped your mind then you forgot it. This is a useful idiom to use when you’re apologising for something. e.g. I’m really sorry about not posting your letter – it slipped my mind.

Discussion questions

Write your answers to these questions in the comments section, and I’ll get back to you with some feedback:

  • Do you have meetings at work? Are you the kind of person who likes to take part in the discussion, or do you let others do the talking?
  • Is there anything that you regret taking part in? Or something that you regret not taking part in?
  • Have you ever taken part in some kind of live performance, like a play or a concert? How did it go?

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

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I wish I took part in more team sports when i was a student. For this reason now i am not a sporty person


Usually I don’t like to take part in discussions, even when I know it’s necessary. It happens especially when I’m in groups, but if I’m debating with a friend or someone that i really know, I can keep talking for long time. There’s a big event going to happen in my college in two months, and I’ll be part of its organization. Although I know that it’s a great opportunity to increase my curriculum, I feel that I shouldn’t have taken part of it, because of my lack of time. I’ve never taken part in live performances. Only those from… Read more »


I don’t usually take part in discussions at work. I usually let others do the talking, I’m a little shy in such circumstances. But when I’m among my close friends, I have no difficulty taking part in any discussion. About whether there is anything that I regret taking part in, yes, there is. Once, I took part in a play at school, when it was my turn, I just dried up half-way through my lines, I completely forgot what to say next. I was rather embarrassed. One of the things I really regret not having taking part in was in… Read more »

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