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Accent: North America

, , , ? , ? , , , ?
hadn't gone , would have , okay, ? , do you wise? What, what, what , what ?

About the sentence

…What if it hadn’t gone well?…

This whole sentence is a third conditional in question form – the speaker is asking a hypothetical question about the past. If you need it, here’s a review of the third conditional.

…screw it…

This is a slang way of saying you don’t care what happens in a certain situation.

e.g. I wasn’t sure whether calling him was a good idea, but in the end I thought, screw it, let’s see what happens.

…what are you drawn to?…

If you’re drawn to something, then you’re attracted to it or you’re interested in it.

e.g. I’ve always been drawn to dangerous sports.


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