This clip is from episode 84 of the brilliant The Allusionist podcast, which is a great podcast to listen to if you are interested in language and words.

The speaker is talking about a book he has written.

Dictionary Stories , uh , ish, uh .
Dictionary Stories of short stories, uh there's them, ish, uh and all entirely composed taken dictionaries.
Dictionary stories a collection of short stories, uh there's 160 of them, ish, uh and all of are entirely composed example sentences taken a variety dictionaries.

…there’s about 160 if them, ish

ish is a useful word/suffix that we can use when we are being inexact or vague about something.

Most often, we would add ish to the end of an adjective that we are being vague about. e.g. Have you seen my jacket? You know, the blueish one I was wearing on Saturday?

We can also use this with numbers. e.g. I can’t remember how many people are coming to the wedding, but I think it is 150-ish.

Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash.

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