This clip is from an episode the Invisibilia podcast, which looks at everyday things in new and interesting ways. This episode focusses on emotions. The speaker is discussing how she deals with her daughter’s tantrums.

, , " Michaela, ".
Like if she something or if and she couldn't got angry, I would her and , " Michaela, it's ok ".
Like if she was about something or if she something and she couldn't it and she got angry, I would get with her and , "you know Michaela, it's ok to be ".

…I would get down with her

One of the many uses of the modal verb would is to talk about past habits or repeated actions. Often (but not always), this adds some emotion or a feeling of nostalgia to what we are saying, e.g. When I was young I would play in the garden until the sun went down.

Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash.

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