This clip is from Episode 99 of Made of Human, which features a conversation with British comedian Danny Wallace. In this section, he is explaining why he decided to write a book about rudeness after trying to buy a hot dog.

In this exercise, all the weak forms (unstressed forms of grammatical words in connected speech) have been removed. Listen as many times as you need to, and see if you can identify them all. Good luck!

So I go in I, I want buy hot dog and I know if you've ever walked into place where turning up seem already angered person worked there.

…they were totally crucial

to turn up is a useful phrasal verb which means to appear or arrive somewhere. Usually, it communicates the idea that the person or thing that appears was not expected. e.g. I hate it when people turn up to a party before you asked them to.

Photo by Peter Secan on Unsplash


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