This clip is from an episode of the Invisibilia podcast, which looks in more depth at everyday things that we usually take for grantedThis episode is about clothes, and the unexpected effects they can have on us. The speaker is talking about how bullies at his school started leaving him alone when he started wearing sunglasses.

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I ghost almost. that strange, but people did me.
I was ghost almost. And I know that strange, but it was people did not really me.

…people did not really notice me

Do you know the difference between ‘to notice someone/something’ and ‘to take no notice of someone/something’.

to notice someone/something = to see or become aware of somebody or something. In the negative, this means that you don’t see something, so you are not aware of it. e.g. The driver didn’t notice the red light and almost had a bad accident.

to take no notice of someone/something = to ignore somebody/something. e.g. Take no notice of him, he’s only saying those things because he’s jealous.

If you don’t notice something, you are not aware of it. If you take no notice of something, you are aware of it but choose to ignore it. Does that make sense?

Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash.


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