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This clip is from Episode 253 of No Such Thing as a Fish, a fascinating and very funny podcast about facts.

In this exercise, all the weak forms (unstressed forms of grammatical words in connected speech) have been removed. Listen as many times as you need to, and see if you can identify them all. Good luck!

For context, the speaker is talking about the system of communication in the Incan Empire, which relied on messengers called Chasquis.

Chasquis relay runners, totally crucial whole Incan empire. exempt things like farming taxation so important, their whole job deliver messages parcels equipment through empire.

…they were totally crucial

crucial (adj) = extremely important. e.g. It is crucial that you bring official identification to the exam.

…they were exempt from things like farming…

If you are exempt from sth, then you are excused from a duty or responsibility. For example, students in the UK are exempt from paying taxes.

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